Malika Iskandarova

Originally Malika Iskandarova is from Tajikistan (Central Asia).She speaks English, Tajik, Russian and a little bit of Ukrainian. Very beautiful and talented lady and has a cheery personality and very easy to deal with.
Currently lives in Las Vegas and planning to move to LA soon to pursue her modeling career. She is also interested in getting into acting and she is a professional dancer.

Malika loves her job and being in front of the camera. She works with a lot of famous singers and designers.

Malika Iskandarova - Model

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  1. Anonymous4:26:00 PM

    Oy ne znala chto tadjichki takie krasotki.

  2. Anonymous5:12:00 PM

    Dumayu slishkom otkravenno dlya tadjikov.

  3. Anonymous6:59:00 PM

    a mne nravitsya<> Sama ona ne takaya uj krasivaya no figura niche.

  4. Anonymous8:47:00 PM


  5. Anonymous5:31:00 PM

    i give her 5 for having the balls and at least trying. good body, but nothing special about her.

  6. Anonymous12:28:00 AM

    Zebo khelo zebo.Ofarin Malika.Dar zinahoi faoliyatat hamesha komyobu muvaffak boshi.
    Bravo Malika you are the best.I wish you in you career lucky and higherplace of actress and modeling jobs

  7. Anonymous3:24:00 AM

    Мне её очень жаль

  8. Anonymous9:51:00 AM

    Malika Iskandarova...

    An Angel, a Princess, a Muse.

    Malika is Tajikistan's best kept and precious secret. She's alone the epitome of her country's future: modern, inspiring, stylish, elegant, classy. Whatever a man may dream of she's more than this. A dream personified. The dream.

    I believe she deserves more and better than being featured on a slosh/classless blog like this one and any other. Commenters can comment on and on: she exists, they don't. She's someone, they're nobodies. She's a character, they wish they even had a sample of a personality.

    Malika Iskandarova is one, unique and special. Let them speak. She can't be touched. She can't be hurt. Her place is above the crowd, the dirt, the gossips and the sleaze: her place is a pedestal above all and you all. You look at her image but you don't see Her. You talk about Her but you don't know Her. You criticize Her but you couldn't understand Her.

    Malika stands for Princess. A Princess, to be respected adored and cherished.

    She deserves more than love. She deserves and represents adoration.

    In Malika I believe. Long live Malika, Princess of anything and anyone beautiful. Enemy of mediocrity. Malika is the Princess of the Dream Kingdom, my Kingdom.

  9. Anonymous11:34:00 AM

    xaaaaxaxaxaxaxa Malika I know you like my 5 fingers,I know how you talk,how you walk,when you mad,when you jealous and even when you lie ;0 Right now i realized the last comment was posted by YOU darling.We all know how you love yourself but it is kinda cheap to write an essay about yourself.Let others to talk about you ;) you might thought people are all dumb but no baby most of them are smart.I just checked the rest of the girls and they are all successful ladies you have to say thank you to the administration of this blog that he/she posted an article about you as well I think you not even close to achievements that the other girls got but he/she did a big favor for you .Thanks you, Sam

    1. Malika zamechatelnii chelovek! Ya ne Malika, ne kakoi libo eyo rodstvenik kak vi mojete podumat potomuchto ya govoru v eyo polzu, ya prosto eyo znakomii. Pomimo vseh eyo polojitelnih kachestv, v nei est chto to chego netu v bolshinstve nashih devushkah. Uvajau eyo za to chto ona govorit chto dumaet, delaet to chto ona hochet. Ona krasiva, umna, samouverena. Drigimi slovami u neyo uima kachestv kotorimi ona mojet pohvastatsya i blesnut.

  10. Anonymous2:22:00 PM

    hahahahahahaha WOWWWWWWWW poor thing is protecting herself ;)))) That's something new.

  11. Anonymous4:21:00 AM

    Reply from the original poster aka not Malika but a French man:

    "Don't argue with an idiot! he will drag you down to his level"

    Keep going guys and have fun; you'll stop when you have a life or a career keeping you busy enough... ;):)

  12. Anonymous11:52:00 AM

    Malika ti peregnula palku

  13. Anonymous5:06:00 AM

    Interesno a vi kto pishete plakhoye, khot chto nibud is sebya predstovlyaite????

  14. Anonymous11:08:00 AM

    Devushka ochen krasivaya. Udachi ey.

  15. Anonymous8:40:00 AM

    So many more beautiful and sexy girls ... need some leads guys ?

  16. Anonymous11:53:00 AM

    красивая девушка, шикарная фигура и чувство стиля, но тут о другом: Лишь одна из миллион сможет добиться того, чего добилась Малика, для этого надо иметь железный характер!

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  22. Anonymous5:15:00 PM

    Они все проститутки жалко назвать их таджичками они просто унижают мою родину наверно даже на таджикском нормально общаться не могут :(

    1. Anonymous6:45:00 PM

      Для нашего тупого народа да же девушка в хиджабе проститутка. Только такие как вы, умники, все ангелы, в глазу бревна у себя не видите.

  23. Anonymous7:31:00 PM

    Da, vi pravi, ogolit popu i snyatsya ne kajdaya tadjichka mojet... No dlya etogo ne nujen jelezniy kharakter, nado prosto ne imet stid. BEzOT!!!

  24. Anonymous6:39:00 PM

    Позорный и дешевый какой-то блог. Половину девушек не имеют отношения к Таджикистану это раз, во-вторых, лица этих девушек уже старые и не интересные (старая тема). Могли бы обновить на новых девушек прославляющих Таджикистан на много лучше. Можно оставить Шабнам, Тахмину и возможно Нилуфар (хотя и она уже заглохла), остальных могли бы вообще удалить, позорище. Могилы бы фильтровать комментарии, чтоб не было грязи, да и фотографии могли бы выложить более красивые и эстетичные, раз вы так гордитесь красавицами.
    Блогеру за такой блог КОЛ с минусом хочется поставить, за такую вшивую работу, клише.

  25. Anonymous7:05:00 PM

    Полностью согласен с вышесказанным, дешевый и глупый пост как и сам блог. Удивлен, почему еще на вас не пожаловались в гугл за воровство фотографий без ведома этих девушек.

  26. Anonymous11:16:00 AM

    Я её лично видел год назад в гостинице Плаза -Нью Йорк, она потом села в Rolls Royce и уехала. Статная очень девушка, красива, женственна и нежна. Жаль не отважился с ней поздороваться, хотя, возле неё было не мало людей. :(