Tajikistan pop singer Manija Davlatova

Manizha Davlatova  is a Tajik pop singer and one of Tajikistan’s and Central Asia’s best known, also known in Iran and Afghanistan and other neighbouring countries. Persian pop music. Manizha sings in Tajiki, a dialect of Modern Persian native to her country. She performs in concerts regularly in her native Tajikistan as well as other neighboring countries.

Since her concert in Mazar-e-Sharif and Kabul, she has gained celebrity in Afghanistan in addition to building on her already established renown in Central Asian countries. A recent poll conducted in Kabul named Manija (among Persian speakers) and Nazia Iqbal (among Pashtospeakers) as the most popular female singers in that country.
As of 2004, she has two albums, both recorded live in Mazar-e-Sharif. Her concert in Kabul drew thousands of enthusiastic fans. Reportedly in both of these concerts, the stage was filled with flower bouquets.


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    She is very beautiful inside and out. She has a talent of a songwriter and a singer. She is amazing.

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    She is very beautiful!

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    really melodious voice and beautiful face

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