Tajikistan actress Zarina.

Zarina is  a citizen Tajikistan.

In 2006 she visited Afghanistan and was asked if she felt safe shooting there, she replied, "I felt I was at home. The people in Afghanistan treated me like a princess. They are very good people."

Zarina said she grew up on Hindi films and loves Shah Rukh Khan, Madhuri Dixit and Amitabh Bachchan.

Asked whether she would like to work with any one of them, she said, "Why not? Sure!" After a pause, she continued, "But I will not dance or do any songs in a film. And no exposure."

Tajikistan actress - Zarina
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  1. Anonymous6:57:00 PM

    A kakaya u nee familiya ? Nikogda ne slishal pro Zarinu.

  2. Anonymous3:58:00 PM

    i ya nikogda ne slishala pro nee

  3. Anonymous2:53:00 AM

    Hi, a request from the site, can I get the contact address from Ms. Zarina, please post it to my personal account salmaawali@gmail.com. I am Asma, Ms. Zarina's best friend from Afghanistan and somehow lost contact with her and now since few years i am trying to find her. Would appreciate it if I hear from the site. Thanks