Vita Tsybulska, The 1st Runner-Up of Miss Asia 2010.

Vita Tsybulsk was eligible to represent Tajikistan in Miss Asia 2010 in China and has taken second place.

Vita Tsybulska was asked if she was disappointed? She said: “No disappointment, personally feel I can get Miss Asia, and I lost due to not knowing Chinese.

China’s news agency Xinhua reports the final was held in Hefei, east China's Anhui Province, on December 5, 2010.  The Miss Asia 2010 winner is Wang Xin from China, Vita Tsybulska is the 1st Runner-up and Liu Xiaozhi (also China) is the  2nd Runner-up.  Xinhua notes the final was held in Mainland China for the first time

Stunning girl, let's wish her all the best.

1st Runner-Up Miss Asia 2010 Vita Tsybulska

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  1. Anonymous3:59:00 PM

    She is gorgeous.

  2. Anonymous9:43:00 PM

    I Ona toje ne tadjichka,russkaya Ona.

  3. Anonymous5:33:00 PM

    beautiful girl. be it russian or tajik. she represented tajikistan and that's what matters. she deserved the title, but, oh well, we all know life is not fair.

  4. Anonymous11:20:00 AM

    she is ukrainian!!!

  5. i love her, she is my perfect desired wife

  6. Anonymous3:18:00 PM

    Yes, she is from Lviv.

  7. Anonymous1:36:00 PM

    My respect to Vita and Nilufar the rest of the girls are all bullshit.